Population of Vermont 2021


The population composition is very similar to that of New Hampshire. In 2012, 95.4% of the population were white (23.3% French or Franco-Canadian descent, 18.4% are of English descent, 16.4% have Irish ancestors and 9.1% German ancestors). The remaining 4.6% are split between African Americans (1.1%), Asian Americans (1.4%) and Native Americans (0.4%). 1.6% were Hispanics or Latinos. In the north in particular, there are many people of French origin, and the French language is also a colloquial language. Vermont is the state with the highest percentage of whites.

The writer and playwright Carl Zuckmayer, who leased and ran a farm in Vermont in the 1940s, wrote the following description to describe the local population :

“What still lives on its home today in Vermont, in which there are many abandoned, slowly decaying farms overgrown by the forest, are the descendants of those original settlers who were too stubborn and connected with the land to set off to the west, to take part in the great migration of peoples for ‘better pastures’. Hence, these people have a trait of stubbornness and obstinacy, also of obscurity, which Europeans can understand more easily than many Americans. A particularly closed people with a quirky, often a little malicious humor, non-conformist to the bone, headstrong to the point of solitude, but never without the natural bond in the community, the self-evident, phrase-free willingness to mutual help. ”

In April 2009, Vermont became the first US state to introduce same-sex marriage.

Top Counties by Population in Vermont

Rank County Name Population Population Density (per kmĀ²)
1 Chittenden County 161,393 115.61
2 Rutland County 59,747 24.75
3 Washington County 58,623 32.81
4 Windsor County 55,748 22.17
5 Franklin County 48,810 29.58
6 Windham County 43,397 21.23
7 Addison County 37,046 #VALUE!
8 Bennington County 36,328 20.75
9 Caledonia County 30,791 18.26
10 Orange County 28,910 16.20
11 Orleans County 27,111 15.02
12 Lamoille County 25,246 21.14
13 Grand Isle County 6,872 31.96
14 Essex County 6,174 3.59

Main Cities in Vermont by Population

Below is the 10 largest cities In Vermont by population. Check COUNTRYAAH for a list of all towns and cities of Vermont in alphabetical order.

Vermont Population by City

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