Population of Trinidad and Tobago 2021

As of 2021, the latest population of Trinidad and Tobago is 1,208,789, based on Trackaah calculation of the current data from UN (United Nations).

Population Distribution

Total population 1,208,789
Population growth rate -0.30%
Birth rate 12.70 births per 1,000 people
Life expectancy
Overall life expectancy 71.96 years
Men life expectancy 69.09 years
Women life expectancy 74.91 years
Age structure
0-14 years 19.24%
15-64 years 69.66%
65 years and above 11.10%
Median age 35.00 years
Gender ratio (Male to Female) 1.03
Population density 235.72 residents per kmĀ²
Urbanization 75.40%
40% Indian, 38% African, 19% mixed ancestry
Catholics (Roman Catholic) 29.4%, Hindu 23.8%, Anglicans 10.9%, Muslims 5.8%, Presbyterians 3.4%, others 26.7%
Human Development Index (HDI) 0.799
HDI ranking 63rd out of 194

People in Trinidad and Tobago

About 35 percent of the ancestors of the residents of Trinidad and Tobago come from Africa and India. They were brought here as slaves or, after slavery was abolished in the 19th century, hired as workers.

In addition, there are around 20 percent who see themselves as descendants of at least two ethnic groups. Only 0.1 percent of the population are indigenous. Other minorities are whites of European descent and Chinese.

Each woman has an average of 1.7 children. That is a little more than ours (1.4 children). 53 percent of the population lives in urban areas.

Languages in Trinidad and Tobago

The official language in Trinidad and Tobago is English. 95 percent of the population speak it. Due to its proximity to Venezuela, Spanish is also widely used as a second language. However, many people speak a Creole language as their mother tongue, namely Trinidad Creole or Tobago Creole. Both are based on English and contain African elements. They are similar, but there are also differences. Trinidad Creole is also influenced by French.

Religions in Trinidad and Tobago

A majority of 54 percent profess Christianity. Of these, 32 percent belong to a Protestant church and 22 percent are Catholic. 18 percent are Hindus and 5 percent Muslim.

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