Population of New Hampshire 2021


The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of New Hampshire was 1,356,458 as of July 1, 2018. This is an increase of 3.04% since the 2010 US census.


In 2010, 92.3% of the population were White (excluding Hispanic American), 2.2% Asian, 1.1% African-American, and 0.2% Native American. 2.8% were Latinos (Hispanic Americans).

In 2014, 23.6% had French or Franco-Canadian, 20.9% Irish, 17.1% English, 10.8% Italian and 9.4% German ancestors. 6% of the population were born outside of the United States.

D ie Franco-Canadian-born and French population and the Irish-Russians live mainly in the traditional miners cities such as Manchester.


Almost 80% of the population professes Christianity. The largest Christian religious community is the Catholic Church – 35% of Christians are Catholics, mostly of French and Irish origin. The two main Protestant religious communities are the United Church of Christ with 34,299 and the United Methodist Church with 18,927 members.

Around 18% describe themselves as non-religious or atheists, while other religious communities (Jews, Buddhists, Muslims) together make up 2% of the population.

Top Counties by Population in New Hampshire

Rank County Name Population Population Density (per kmĀ²)
1 Hillsborough County 406,689 179.24
2 Rockingham County 301,788 167.66
3 Merrimack County 148,005 61.18
4 Strafford County 126,836 132.67
5 Grafton County 89,331 20.12
6 Cheshire County 75,920 41.40
7 Belknap County 60,652 58.38
8 Carroll County 47,296 19.55
9 Sullivan County 42,978 30.90
10 Coos County 31,223 6.69

Main Cities in New Hampshire by Population

Below is the 10 largest cities In New Hampshire by population. Check COUNTRYAAH for a list of all towns and cities of New Hampshire in alphabetical order.

New Hampshire Population by City

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