Largest Cities in Wallis and Futuna

Facts about Wallis and Futuna

Official languages: French
Capital: Matā’utu
Area: 274 km²
Population: 16,025 residents
Population density: 58.49 residents per km²
Currency: XPF
Internet TLD: .wf
ISO codes: WF, WLF, 876
The telephone code for Wallis and Futuna is +681

According to countryaah, Wallis and Futuna is a French overseas territory (Territoires d’outre-mer, TOM) northeast of Fiji. France declared the islands a protected area in 1842 and occupied them in 1888. In 1959, the population voted for the status of an overseas territory for France and thus for partial autonomy.


Total population 15,854
Population growth rate 0.28%
Birth rate 13.20 births per 1,000 residents
Life expectancy
Overall life expectancy 79.27 years
Men life expectancy 76.29 years
Women life expectancy 82.40 years
Age structure
0-14 years 21.28%
15-64 years 68.28%
65 years and above 10.44%
Median age 30.90 years
Gender ratio 1.02 M / F
Population density 111.65 residents per km²
Urbanization 0.00%
(Matâ ‘Utu) [capital] 1137
Catholics (Roman Catholic) 99% Other 1%
Human Development Index (HDI)
HDI ranking


Biggest Cities of Wallis and Futuna by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Mata-Utu, Wallis and Futuna 1,311 -13.2816 -176.175
2 Leava, Wallis and Futuna 591 -14.2933 -178.158
3 Alo, Wallis and Futuna 350 -14.311 -178.111

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