Largest Cities in Virginia

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Virginia, abbreviated VA or Va., is a state on the east coast of the United States. It is 105,586 kmĀ² and has about 8.1 million inhabitants. The capital is Richmond.

Tobacco, peanuts, apples, sweet potatoes, corn and vegetables, and a greenhouse animal husbandry are especially cultivated. The state also has a chemical industry, textile industry, food industry, furniture industry and paper industry, and there are businesses in electronics and high technology. Coal is also extracted.

The state was founded as an English colony in the 1580s and called Virginia in honor of the “virgin queen” Elizabeth 1. He was the tenth state in the United States in 1788. Virginia was called Old Dominion.

Biggest Cities of Virginia by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Virginia Beach VA 438105
2 Norfolk VA 242914
3 Chesapeake VA 222320
4 Richmond VA 204325
5 Newport News VA 180830
6 Alexandria VA 140077
7 Hampton VA 137547
8 Roanoke VA 97143
9 Portsmouth VA 95646
10 Suffolk VA 84696
11 Lynchburg VA 75679
12 Harrisonburg VA 49025
13 Charlottesville VA 43586
14 Danville VA 43166
15 Manassas VA 37932

Largest Cities in Virginia

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