Largest Cities in Vatican City

Facts about Vatican City State

Official languages: Latin, Italian, French
Capital: Vatican City
Area: 0 km²
Population: 921 residents
Population density: 2,093.18 residents per km²
Currency: EUR
Internet TLD: .va
ISO codes: VA, VAT, 336
The telephone code for Vatican City State is +379

Flag of Vatican

The background of the unconventionally shaped flag of the Vatican consists of a dark yellow and white vertical stripe. The white stripe bears the papal miter with the crossed keys of St. Peter. The silver key represents the power to release and open, while the golden key represents the power to restrain and close. The red cord that connects the two keys is a symbol of the interconnectedness of these two powers. The Vatican is an enclave inside Rome, headed by the Roman Catholic Pope. It is otherwise also called the Holy See and has been an independent state since 1929, when it also adopted its current flag. The flag is meant to symbolize the continuing importance of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

Vatican City Flag

According to Abbreviation Finder, the State of Vatican City (official long form in Germany and Switzerland) or State of Vatican City (official long form in Austria) is the smallest independent state in the world recognized by the UN. See Vatican City Location on World Map. The Vatican City State is an absolute electoral monarchy. The Holy See as a non-governmental, independent subject of international law that can be distinguished from the State of Vatican City represents the state at the international level. The head of state is the Pope.

Biggest Cities of Vatican City by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Vatican City, Vatican City 940 41.9027 12.4541

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