Largest Cities in Utah

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Utah, abbreviated UT, is a state in the United States. It is located in the western mountain range on Lake Great Salt Lake. The state is 219,888 kmĀ² and has about 2.8 million inhabitants. The capital is Salt Lake City.

Utah has a dry, continental climate. Livestock and agriculture host farms on land with artificial irrigation. Coal, copper and beryllium are mined, and the state also has a steel and transportation industry. Tourism is important.

The Salt Lake City area is one of the foremost in the United States’ computer industry. Several of the world’s leading software companies succeed here. The state was founded in 1847 by Mormons. He was territory in 1850 and has been our state since 1896. He is called Beehive State.

Biggest Cities of Utah by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Salt Lake City UT 186551
2 West Valley City UT 129591
3 Provo UT 112599
4 West Jordan UT 103823
5 Orem UT 88439
6 Sandy UT 87572
7 Ogden UT 82936
8 St. George UT 73008
9 Layton UT 67422
10 Taylorsville UT 58763
11 South Jordan UT 50529
12 Logan UT 48285
13 Lehi UT 47518
14 Murray UT 46857
15 Bountiful UT 42663
16 Draper UT 42385
17 Riverton UT 38864
18 Roy UT 36995
19 Spanish Fork UT 34802
20 Pleasant Grove UT 33620
21 Cottonwood Heights UT 33544

Largest Cities in Utah

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