Largest Cities in Tennessee

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Tennessee is the name of both a state and a river in the United States. The state of Tennessee lies between Mississippi and Appalachane, abbreviated TN or Tenn. It is 109,153 kmĀ² and has about 6.4 million inhabitants.

The capital is Nashville, while the largest city is Memphis. Tennessee has an extensive mining industry, with a particular emphasis on pyrite, phosphate and coal, and other important industries are agriculture, including cotton and tobacco, and animal husbandry. Tennessee became a state in 1796. He was called the Volunteer State. The Tennessee River has a length of about 1100 km. She comes from Appalachian and ends up in Ohio.

Biggest Cities of Tennessee by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Memphis TN 647000
2 Knoxville TN 178985
3 Chattanooga TN 167785
4 Clarksville TN 133040
5 Murfreesboro TN 108866
6 Jackson TN 65322
7 Johnson City TN 63263
8 Franklin TN 62598
9 Bartlett TN 54724
10 Hendersonville TN 51483
11 Kingsport TN 48316
12 Cleveland TN 41396
13 Germantown TN 38955
14 Brentwood TN 37171
15 Columbia TN 34792

Largest Cities in Tennessee

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