Largest Cities in Suriname

Facts about Suriname

Official languages: Dutch, English, Javanese
Capital: Paramaribo
Area: 163,270 km²
Population: 492,829 residents
Population density: 3.02 residents per km²
Currency: SRD
Internet TLD: .sr
ISO codes: SR, SUR, 740
Die The dialing code for Suriname is +597

Flag of Suriname

The flag of Suriname, which was adopted in 1975, is composed of five horizontal stripes from the top in green, white, red, white and green. A yellow five-pointed star is placed in the center of the red field. In the past, Suriname was under British and Dutch rule, and the country broke free from Dutch rule in 1975. Suriname is a very multicultural country, which is due to a large amount of emigration and immigration. This fact is referred to by the yellow star, which marks the unity of all these groups. The green color on the flag represents the fertility of the local landscape, possibilities and hope for a new and better Suriname, the white color symbolizes justice and freedom, and the red represents love.

Suriname Flag

Suriname is located in South America on the Atlantic Ocean. See Suriname Location on World Map. The country probably owes its name to the Surinian tribe, who were driven out of this area by the Arawaks. After almost 300 years as a Dutch colony, Suriname gained independence in 1975, but the Netherlands remains the most important donor. Approx. a third of the Surinamans now live in the former mother country.

Biggest Cities of Suriname by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Paramaribo, Suriname 223,868 5.86638 -55.1668
2 Lelydorp, Suriname 18,334 5.7 -55.2333
3 Brokopondo, Suriname 14,773 5.05594 -54.9804
4 Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname 13,254 5.92606 -56.973
5 Moengo, Suriname 7,185 5.61411 -54.4012
6 Nieuw Amsterdam, Suriname 5,046 5.88573 -55.0887
7 Albina, Suriname 4,096 5.49788 -54.0552
8 Groningen, Suriname 3,327 5.8 -55.4667
9 Onverwacht, Suriname 2,216 5.58983 -55.1946
10 Totness, Suriname 1,796 5.87618 -56.3257

Suriname: Paramaribo

According to Abbreviation Finder, the capital of Suriname is Paramaribo. Of the 544,000 inhabitants of Suriname, 240,000 live in Paramaribo – almost half of all inhabitants! Paramaribo is on the Atlantic Ocean and at the mouth of the Suriname River on its left bank. The city is also called Par’bo for short. In Paramaribo there is a mosque, a synagogue and a Hindu temple. The Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul is one of the largest wooden churches in the world.

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