Largest Cities in South Sudan

Facts about South Sudan

Official languages: English
Capital: Juba
Area: 644,329 km²
Population: 8.3 million residents
Population density: 12.82 residents per km²
Currency: SSP
Internet TLD:
ISO codes: SS, SSD, 728
The telephone code for South Sudan is +211

Flag of South Sudan

The flag of South Sudan is one of the youngest flags, as this country entered the country only in 2011. The flag is composed of three horizontal stripes in black, red and green and a blue wedge in the left part of the flag. The individual stripes are separated by narrow white stripes and there is a yellow five-pointed star in the center of the wedge. The flag was originally the symbol of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and was adopted as the national flag after the signing of the General Peace Treaty and the end of the Second Civil War. The black color represents the Sudanese nation, the red blood shed during the struggle for freedom, the green fertility of the land here and the blue vitality of the Nile River. The yellow star symbolizes the unity of the peoples of South Sudan.

South Sudan Flag

South Sudan is a country in eastern Africa. See South Sudan Location on World Map. It gained independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011 and was admitted to the United Nations on July 13, 2011 as the 193rd state. On July 27, 2011, the African Union accepted South Sudan as its 54th member.

The relationship between South Sudan and Sudan is considered tense. The two countries are still fighting over various oil stocks at the borders. South Sudan accuses Sudan of several attacks.

Biggest Cities of South Sudan by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Juba, South Sudan 450,111 4.85165 31.5825
2 Winejok, South Sudan 300,111 9.01222 27.5708
3 Malakal, South Sudan 160,876 9.53342 31.6605
4 Wau, South Sudan 127,495 7.70111 27.9897
5 Pajok, South Sudan 49,111 3.86512 32.4821
6 Yambio, South Sudan 40,493 4.57083 28.3942
7 Yei, South Sudan 40,493 4.09444 30.6764
8 Aweil, South Sudan 38,856 8.76194 27.3919
9 Gogrial, South Sudan 38,683 8.53324 28.1004
10 Rumbek, South Sudan 32,194 6.80619 29.6774
11 Bor, South Sudan 26,893 6.20889 31.5586
12 Torit, South Sudan 20,159 4.41177 32.5705
13 Tonj, South Sudan 17,449 7.27389 28.6775
14 Maridi, South Sudan 14,335 4.91667 29.4694
15 Leer, South Sudan 10,597 8.30306 30.1406
16 Tambura, South Sudan 9,594 5.6 27.4667
17 Bentiu, South Sudan 7,764 9.25722 29.7983
18 Kapoeta, South Sudan 7,153 4.77222 33.5914
19 Raja, South Sudan 3,811 8.4675 25.6783

South Sudan: Juba

According to Abbreviation Finder, the capital of South Sudan is called Juba and is located in the south of the country. It spreads on the western bank of the Nile. There is a bridge here – the Juba Bridge – which connects South Sudan with Uganda.

Neighboring countries of South Sudan

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