Largest Cities in Seychelles

Facts about Seychelles

Official languages: English, French
Capital: Victoria
Area: 455 km²
Population: 88,340 residents
Population density: 194.15 residents per km²
Currency: SCR
Internet TLD: .sc
ISO codes: SC, SYC, 690
The telephone code for Seychelles is +248

Seychelles Flag

The Republic of the Seychelles (German: [zeˈʃɛlən], English: [seɪˈʃɛlz], French: [seˈʃɛl]) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. This is east of Africa and north of Madagascar and Mauritius. The Comoros lie between Africa and the Seychelles.

The republic consists of 115 islands and is divided into 32 mountain islands (mainly granite stone), which represent the actual Seychelles, and numerous small coral islands, the so-called Outer Islands, which are spread over an area of ​​over 400,000 km².

Biggest Cities of Seychelles by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Victoria, Seychelles 22,992 -4.62001 55.455
2 Anse Boileau, Seychelles 4,294 -4.71667 55.4833
3 Bel Ombre, Seychelles 4,274 -4.61667 55.4167
4 Beau Vallon, Seychelles 4,253 -4.62091 55.4301
5 Cascade, Seychelles 4,199 -4.66667 55.5
6 Anse Royale, Seychelles 3,929 -4.73333 55.5167
7 Takamaka, Seychelles 2,691 -4.76667 55.5
8 Port Glaud, Seychelles 2,285 -4.66667 55.4167

Seychelles: Victoria

The capital of the Republic of the Seychelles is called Victoria and is located on the island of Mahé. It is also the only major city on the islands.

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