Largest Cities in Samoa

Facts about Samoa

Official languages: Samoan, English
Capital: Apia
Area: 2,944 km²
Population: 192,001 residents
Population density: 65.22 residents per km²
Currency: WST
Internet TLD: .ws
ISO codes: WS, WSM, 882
The telephone code for Samoa is +685

Samoa Flag

Samoa (samoan. Malo Tutoatasi o Samoa; English Independent State of Samoa) is an island state that includes the western part of the Samoa islands and is therefore also called Western Samoa. The eastern part belongs to the USA (see American Samoa). Samoa is located in the southwestern Pacific, northeast of Fiji. The largest islands are Savai’i (1,708 km²) and Upolu (1,118 km²) with the capital Apia, by far the largest and economically most important city in the country and the international airport.

On December 31, 2011, Samoa skipped a day and changed the time zone. Until then it was the country that welcomed the New Year last, now it is the first.

Biggest Cities of Samoa by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Apia, Samoa 40,518 -13.8333 -171.767
2 Asau, Samoa 6,754 -13.5196 -172.638
3 Mulifanua, Samoa 4,619 -13.8318 -172.036
4 Afega, Samoa 2,006 -13.7973 -171.853
5 Leulumoega, Samoa 1,569 -13.823 -171.961
6 Safotu, Samoa 1,318 -13.4513 -172.402
7 Lufilufi, Samoa 1,185 -13.8745 -171.599
8 Vailoa, Samoa 880 -13.7555 -172.307

Samoa: Apia

Two thirds of the people live on Upolu Island. The capital of the country is called Apia and is also located on the island of Upolu. There are also some islands that are not inhabited. The length of the coast is 400 kilometers.

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