Largest Cities in Rhode Island

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Rhode Island (abbreviated RI or RI) is a state of the United States at 3139 kmĀ². Rhode Island has about 1.1 million inhabitants, and the largest city and capital is Providence.

The state is the smallest in the United States and is located northeast of the Atlantic Ocean. The first colonists came there from Massachusetts in 1636. Rhode Island is one of the original thirteen states, and he was a state in 1790. Today it is a distinctly industrial state with metal and machine industry as well as the manufacture of jewels and silverware. Formerly, the state also had a large textile industry. Rhode Island is called Little Rhody and Ocean State.

Biggest Cities of Rhode Island by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Providence RI 178153
2 Warwick RI 82783
3 Cranston RI 80498
4 Pawtucket RI 71259
5 East Providence RI 47148
6 Woonsocket RI 41297

Largest Cities in Rhode Island

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