Largest Cities in Palau

Facts about Palau

Official languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
Capital: Melekeok
Area: 458 km²
Population: 19,907 residents
Population density: 43.47 residents per km²
Currency: USD
Internet TLD: .pw
ISO codes: PW, PLW, 585
Die The prefix for Palau is +680

Flag of Palau

The flag of Palau was adopted on January 1, 1981, when the archipelago decided to secede from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and the Republic of Palau was proclaimed under the protection of the United States. The flag consists of a pale blue leaf and a yellow circle slightly centered towards the flagpole side. When the flag is hung, the impression is created that the circle is in the center of the flag. The blue color symbolizes the Pacific Ocean surrounding the islands, and the yellow circle is said to resemble the full moon, which is an important period for the islanders. According to them, activities such as fishing, sowing and harvesting are most effective during this phase of the moon.

Palau Flag

Palau (palau.: Belau) is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Depending on the size, the archipelago has between 250 and 350 islands, the largest of which is by far Babelthuap at 409 km². Only nine of the islands are inhabited. See Palau Location on World Map.

Biggest Cities of Palau by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Koror, Palau 14,111 7.33978 134.473
2 Koror Town, Palau 12,787 7.34257 134.479
3 Kloulklubed, Palau 813 7.04192 134.256
4 Ulimang, Palau 692 7.62416 134.642
5 Mengellang, Palau 599 7.6957 134.631
6 Ngchesar Hamlet, Palau 411 7.46932 134.61
7 Melekeok Village, Palau 382 7.49567 134.637
8 Ngchemiangel, Palau 381 7.44613 134.477
9 Ngerkeai, Palau 334 7.55456 134.636
10 Ngardmau, Palau 332 7.60986 134.574
11 Kayangel, Palau 299 8.08228 134.717
12 Angaur State, Palau 299 6.90601 134.13
13 Imeong Hamlet, Palau 243 7.53134 134.527

Palau: Melekeok

According to Abbreviation Finder, the new capital of Palau, called Melekeok , can be found on this island . The former capital Koror is located on another island of the same name. This is only 11 square kilometers, but is still the economic center of Palau today.

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