Largest Cities in Oregon

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Oregon (Indian ‘beautiful lake’; abbreviated Ore. or OR) is a state in the United States on the Pacific Ocean, between California and Washington. Oregon has an area of  251,148 km² and about 3.6 million inhabitants. The capital is Salem and the largest city is Portland.

The state has fishing along the coast, agriculture and horticulture with large vegetable production in the west, halibut cultivation and cattle breeding in the drier areas in the east and forestry in the mountainsides. In addition, the wood processing and food industry and fishing are important industries.

The area has been our state since 1859. Oregon becomes called Beaver State.

Biggest Cities of Oregon by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Portland OR 583887
2 Eugene OR 156296
3 Salem OR 154748
4 Gresham OR 105705
5 Hillsboro OR 91722
6 Beaverton OR 89914
7 Bend OR 76750
8 Medford OR 75018
9 Springfield OR 59514
10 Corvallis OR 54573
11 Albany OR 50269
12 Tigard OR 48146
13 Lake Oswego OR 36730
14 Keizer OR 36589
15 Grants Pass OR 34644

Largest Cities in Oregon

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