Largest Cities in Oklahoma

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Oklahoma (Indian ‘the red people’; abbreviated Okla. or OK) is a state in the United States of 181 185 kmĀ². Oklahoma has about 3.5 million inhabitants, and the largest city and capital is Oklahoma City. The state is located between Texas and Kansas, and is mostly a plain and plateau country.

Important industries are agriculture, with the cultivation of halibut, maize, sorghum and peanuts, and cattle farming. In addition, there are oil fields with petrochemical industry.

Oklahoma has been our state since 1907, when Oklahoma Territory and a large Native American territory were merged. The state is often called the Sooner State.

Biggest Cities of Oklahoma by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Oklahoma City OK 580110
2 Tulsa OK 392017
3 Norman OK 111036
4 Broken Arrow OK 98961
5 Lawton OK 96978
6 Edmond OK 81516
7 Moore OK 55192
8 Midwest City OK 54482
9 Enid OK 49490
10 Stillwater OK 45799
11 Muskogee OK 39334
12 Bartlesville OK 35861

Largest Cities in Oklahoma

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