Largest Cities in Oceania

Australia is the smallest continent located in the southern hemisphere.

Area 8 505 238 km2
Population 27 401 000
Population density 3 per km2
Countries 13
Largest country Australia with 7,682,300 km2
Smallest Country Nauru with 21 km2
Languages English, Italian (Australia), Fijian, Hindi (Fiji), and Greek (Australia)
Highest mountain Mt. Wilhelm (Papua New Guinea) at 4,508 meters
Longest river Eyresee (Australia) at -12 meters
Highest temperature 53 0 C in clon curry
Lowest temperature -22 0 C in Charlotte

Biggest Cities in Oceania by Population

Ranking City Country Continent Population
1 Melbourne Australia Oceania 4,967,844
2 Sydney Australia Oceania 4,926,098
3 Brisbane Australia Oceania 2,406,293
4 Perth Australia Oceania 2,042,070
5 Auckland New Zealand Oceania 1,606,675
6 Adelaide Australia Oceania 1,336,514
7 Gold Coast Australia Oceania 699,337

Oceania Climate

With the exception of New Zealand and part of Australia, which has temperate or desert climates, the other areas have a warm climate with abundant rainfall. Precipitation is more abundant on the east coast. Many regions, especially western regions, are very vulnerable to droughts and typhoons.

In Australia, many farms are far from the nearest towns or villages. “Flying Doctors” therefore visit the patients by plane.

There are around 25,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, but only a few thousand of them are inhabited. The islands are spread over an area larger than the Asian continent.


The Tasmanian Tasmanian devil lives only in Tasmania. He devours his bones with fur and feathers – nothing is left.

The Alexandra bird butterfly is the largest butterfly in the world. Its wingspan can be up to 28 centimeters.

The red kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world. A full-grown male can travel 8 meters with a single jump.

The Australians call their eucalyptus trees “gum” – this comes from the rubber tree, because they deposit tough colored resin when injured.

Australia is not only the country of Australia, but also the continent. Sometimes this continent is also called Oceania or Australasia, but the correct name is Australia. The continent has a total of 14 countries.

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