Largest Cities in North Dakota

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, North Dakota (English North Dakota, named after the Dakota Indians; abbreviated N.Dak. or ND) is a state in the United States on the border with Canada, at 183 117 kmĀ². North Dakota has about 630,000 inhabitants, and the capital is Bismarck. The largest city is Fargo.

The state is a dry prairie state with agriculture and cattle farming as the most important industries. It is grown among other rye, spring halibut, barley, potatoes and corn. In addition, oil, natural gas and lignite are extracted. There are several Native American reservations in the state.

North Dakota was a state in 1889, when the territory of Dakota was divided into the states of North Dakota and South Dakota. The state is called Peace Garden State and Roughrider State.

Biggest Cities of North Dakota by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Fargo ND 105660
2 Bismarck ND 61383
3 Grand Forks ND 52949
4 Minot ND 40999

Largest Cities in North Dakota

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