Largest Cities in New York

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, New York (abbreviated NY or NY) is a state of the United States at 127 189 kmĀ². It has about 19.3 million inhabitants, and its capital is Albany. The largest city is New York City.

The state is the third most populous in the United States, after California and Texas. Agriculture provides vegetables, fruit and livestock products. New York is one of the most important industrial states in the United States, with, among other things, the clothing industry, electrotechnical industry and chemical industry. In addition, he houses many printing works and publishers.

The area was an English colony from 1664, and it was a state in 1788. New York is called the Empire State.

Biggest Cities of New York by Population

Rank City State Population
1 New York NY 8175244
2 Buffalo NY 261421
3 Rochester NY 210676
4 Yonkers NY 196087
5 Syracuse NY 145281
6 Albany NY 97967
7 New Rochelle NY 77173
8 Mount Vernon NY 67403
9 Schenectady NY 66246
10 Utica NY 62346
11 White Plains NY 56964
12 Niagara Falls NY 50304
13 Troy NY 50240
14 Binghamton NY 47487
15 Rome NY 33836

Largest Cities in New York

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