Largest Cities in New Jersey

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, New Jersey (named after the Channel Island of Jersey; abbreviated NJ or NJ) is a state in the United States southwest of New York, of 20,168 kmĀ². New Jersey has about 8.8 million inhabitants, and the capital is Trenton. The largest city is Newark.

The climate is humid and the landscape includes coastal plains in the east and highlands in Appalachane in the northwest. The state has a lot of agriculture, especially the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and berries. Other important industries are the chemical industry and the production of, among other things, rubber, leather goods, clothing, cars, aircraft and machinery.

New Jersey is one of the thirteen original union states. He was a British colony until 1702, and was a state in 1787. New Jersey is often called Garden State.

Biggest Cities of New Jersey by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Newark NJ 277251
2 Jersey City NJ 247708
3 Paterson NJ 146310
4 Elizabeth NJ 125080
5 Trenton NJ 85024
6 Clifton NJ 84247
7 Camden NJ 77455
8 Passaic NJ 69892
9 Union City NJ 66566
10 East Orange NJ 64381
11 Bayonne NJ 63135
12 Vineland NJ 60835
13 New Brunswick NJ 55292
14 Perth Amboy NJ 50925
15 Hoboken NJ 50116
16 Plainfield NJ 49919
17 Hackensack NJ 43121
18 Linden NJ 40610
19 Atlantic City NJ 39669

Largest Cities in New Jersey

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