Largest Cities in Nevada

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Nevada, abbreviated NV or Nev., is a state in the United States. The name is Spanish and means «snow-covered». Nevada is a mountain state between California and Utah. It is 286,352 km² and has about 2.7 million inhabitants. The capital is Carson City.

The state consists of a large plateau, which is cut up by mountain ranges that go in a north-south direction, with peaks of over 4000 meters above sea level. Boundary Peak is the highest of these. The climate is dry and sunny. In Nevada are the entertainment centers Las Vegas and Reno.

The state has a large mining and chemical industry, and there is a lot of tourist traffic. Mexico relinquished Nevada in 1848, and was his own territory in 1861 and state from 1864. He was called Silver State and Battle Born State.

Biggest Cities of Nevada by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Las Vegas NV 583867
2 Henderson NV 257840
3 Reno NV 225332
4 North Las Vegas NV 217072
5 Sparks NV 90375
6 Carson City NV 55385

Largest Cities in Nevada

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