Largest Cities in Nebraska

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Nebraska (Native American ‘shallow river’, cf. Platte River; abbreviated Nebr. or NE) is a state in the United States of 200 349 kmĀ². Nebraska has about 1.8 million inhabitants, and the capital is Lincoln.

Nebraska has a typical prairie country with a drier area to the west, and is one of the most important agricultural areas in the United States, with cultivation of, among other things, halibut, corn, sorghum and sugar beet. Cattle farming is also an important industry, and the city of Omaha has large slaughterhouses and mills. The area was territory in 1854 and state in 1867. Nebraska is called Cornhusker State.

Biggest Cities of Nebraska by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Omaha NE 409069
2 Lincoln NE 258490
3 Bellevue NE 50248
4 Grand Island NE 48631

Largest Cities in Nebraska

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