Largest Cities in Nauru

Facts about Nauru

Official languages: Nauruan, English
Capital: Yaren
Area: 21 km²
Population: 10,065 residents
Population density: 479.29 residents per km²
Currency: AUD
Internet TLD: .nr
ISO codes: NR, NRU, 520
The telephone code for Nauru is +674

Nauru Flag

Nauru is an island state with around 10,000 residents. In terms of area, Nauru is the third smallest recognized state and the smallest republic in the world after Tuvalu, in terms of population.

Nauru is located in the Pacific Ocean and consists of the coral island of the same name, which belongs to the island world of Micronesia (not to be confused with the state of the Federated States of Micronesia ), as well as the territorial waters belonging to the state within a radius of twelve nautical miles.

For a long time, the residents of Nauru were able to live from the depletion of the rich phosphate stocks. When these ran out, it became apparent that the state and most of the citizens had not invested the profits in a future-proof manner. Nauru, which at the time of phosphate mining still had the highest per capita income worldwide, became increasingly impoverished after the complete extraction of the only resource.

Public finances are therefore regularly on the verge of bankruptcy, but have been stabilized in recent years by support measures coordinated by the Pacific Islands Forum.

Biggest Cities of Nauru by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Yaren, Nauru 1,211 -0.55085 166.925
2 Baiti, Nauru 921 -0.50803 166.929
3 Anabar, Nauru 489 -0.50845 166.953
4 Uaboe, Nauru 441 -0.51393 166.924
5 Ijuw, Nauru 291 -0.521 166.958

Nauru: Yaren

The island republic does not have a capital, but there is a seat of government in the town of Yaren.

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