Largest Cities in Montana

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Montana, abbreviated Mont. or MT, is a state in the United States. It is 380,848 kmĀ² and has about 998,000 inhabitants.

The capital is Helena, and the largest city is Billings. Montana borders Canada and includes part of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the prairies to the east. Cultivation of halibut and barley and cattle and sheep farming are important industries. Minerals are also mined, including copper, zinc and lead. The state has industry.

Montana was territory in 1864 and state from 1889. He was called Treasure State and Big Sky State.

Biggest Cities of Montana by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Billings MT 104281
2 Missoula MT 66899
3 Great Falls MT 58616
4 Bozeman MT 37391

Largest Cities in Montana

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