Largest Cities in Missouri

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Missouri, abbreviated MO or Mo., is a state in the United States. It is 180,514 kmĀ² and has about 6 million inhabitants. The Native American meaning of the name is “muddy water”.

The capital is Jefferson City, and the largest cities are Saint Louis, located just south of the city where the Missouri River flows into the Mississippi, and Kansas City, just off the border with the state of Kansas. Extensive agriculture is practiced with the production of soybeans, halibut and maize. Livestock and the transport and food industry are also important industries. The state has deposits of oil, coal and iron ore.

Missouri encompasses land on both sides of the lower Missouri River. The area was colonized by the French from 1735, it was territory in the United States in 1812 and state from 1821. The state was called Show Me State.

Biggest Cities of Missouri by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Kansas City MO 459898
2 St. Louis MO 319405
3 Springfield MO 159609
4 Independence MO 116941
5 Columbia MO 108611
6 Lee’s Summit MO 91475
7 O’Fallon MO 79440
8 St. Joseph MO 76891
9 St. Charles MO 65905
10 Blue Springs MO 52686
11 St. Peters MO 52686
12 Florissant MO 52269
13 Joplin MO 50261
14 Chesterfield MO 47595
15 Jefferson City MO 43190
16 Cape Girardeau MO 38052
17 Wildwood MO 35628
18 University City MO 35482

Largest Cities in Missouri

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