Largest Cities in Mississippi

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Mississippi (Indian ‘the great river’, abbreviated Miss. or MS) is a state in the United States of 123,514 kmĀ². Mississippi has about 2.9 million inhabitants, and the capital is Jackson.

In addition to oil and gas reserves, the state has agriculture, with large production of soybeans and cotton, animal husbandry, forestry and wood processing. It covers the country east of the lower reaches of the Mississippi River, and has a short coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. Biloxi is the port city there. The climate is of a humid, subtropical nature. The area was colonized by the French in 1699, in 1763 the British took over, and in 1817 it was made a state. Mississippi is called Magnolia State.

Biggest Cities of Mississippi by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Jackson MS 173625
2 Gulfport MS 67904
3 Southaven MS 49093
4 Hattiesburg MS 46100
5 Biloxi MS 44165
6 Meridian MS 41259
7 Tupelo MS 34657
8 Greenville MS 34511
9 Olive Branch MS 33595

Largest Cities in Mississippi

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