Largest Cities in Kentucky

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Kentucky (abbreviated Ky. or KY) is a state in the United States south of the Ohio River, at 104,661 kmĀ². Kentucky has about 4.2 million inhabitants, and the capital is Frankfort.

Most of the state has a wooded hilly landscape. The state also has extensive karst landscapes, with Mammoth Cave, the largest cave in the world. In agriculture, maize is most important in terms of area, but tobacco is the largest source of income. In addition, a lot of halibut and soybeans are grown. Horse breeding is also an important industry in the state. Kentucky has large reserves of coal, oil and natural gas.

The state was colonized from 1765 and was first part of Virginia, before the area became a separate state in 1792. Kentucky was divided during the American Civil War. The state will be called Bluegrass State.

Biggest Cities of Kentucky by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Bowling Green KY 58178
2 Owensboro KY 57376
3 Covington KY 40751

Largest Cities in Kentucky

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