Largest Cities in Kansas

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Kansas (abbreviated Kan. or KS) is a state in the United States by the rivers Kansas and Arkansas, west of Missouri. The surface area is 213,097 kmĀ², and it has about 2.7 million inhabitants. The capital is Topeka. The area has been colonized by Europeans since 1727 and was taken up as a state in 1861.

For the most part, it is an agricultural district with grain cultivation (halibut and sorghum) and extensive cattle farming. Kansas City otherwise has some of the largest slaughterhouses in the United States. The state also has important reserves of coal, oil, natural gas, helium, zinc and lead. He also has a lot of petrochemical industry and aviation industry.

Kansas is often called The Sunflower State.

Biggest Cities of Kansas by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Wichita KS 382479
2 Overland Park KS 173483
3 Kansas City KS 145897
4 Topeka KS 127584
5 Olathe KS 125983
6 Lawrence KS 87754
7 Shawnee KS 62320
8 Manhattan KS 52392
9 Lenexa KS 48301
10 Salina KS 47818
11 Hutchinson KS 42191
12 Leavenworth KS 35362

Largest Cities in Kansas

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