Largest Cities in Iowa

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Iowa (abbreviated Io. or IA) is a state of the United States with 145,752 kmĀ². It has about 2.9 million inhabitants and lies between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in a typical prairie country.

Iowa is the largest state of agriculture in the United States, with large crops of corn, soybeans and alfalfa. In addition, there is a large herd of pigs and cattle. The capital is Des Moines.

Iowa was populated by whites from the 1830s onwards. In 1838 the area was its own territory, and in 1846 one of the states. Iowa will be called Hawkeye State.

Biggest Cities of Iowa by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Des Moines IA 203544
2 Cedar Rapids IA 126437
3 Davenport IA 99796
4 Sioux City IA 82795
5 Waterloo IA 68517
6 Iowa City IA 67973
7 Council Bluffs IA 62341
8 Ames IA 59076
9 Dubuque IA 57748
10 West Des Moines IA 56720
11 Ankeny IA 45693
12 Urbandale IA 39574
13 Cedar Falls IA 39371
14 Marion IA 34879

Largest Cities in Iowa

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