Largest Cities in Idaho

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Idaho, abbreviated Ida., is a state in the United States. It is 216,430 kmĀ² and has about 1.6 million inhabitants. The capital is Boise.

The state lies west of the main watershed in the Rocky Mountains and consists mostly of plateau land between 1200 and 1800 meters above sea level. To the north and west are the high mountains, the Bitter Root Mountains, and to the south lies the Snake River Desert with the Craters of the Moon National Park. There is a large potato farm, and halibut and sugar beet are also grown. Cattle farming and mining, especially of lead ore, phosphate, zinc and silver ore, are other important industries.

New industries, such as electronics and high technology, are now the most important sources of income for the state. There is a lot of tourist traffic, especially in the north around Coeur d’Alene with its many lakes. Idaho was organized as territory in 1863, and was a state from 1890. He was called Gem State.

Biggest Cities of Idaho by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Boise City ID 205782
2 Nampa ID 81668
3 Meridian ID 75203
4 Idaho Falls ID 56924
5 Pocatello ID 54366
6 Caldwell ID 46348
7 Coeur d’Alene ID 44248
8 Twin Falls ID 44236

Largest Cities in Idaho

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