Largest Cities in Hawaii

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Hawaii (abbreviated Ha. or HI) is a state in the United States and an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean between 19 ° and 22 ° N. The islands have an area of  a total of 16 760 km² and about 1.3 million inhabitants. The capital is Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

The archipelago comprises over 100 islands, eight of which are inhabited. Only the island of Hawaii still has active volcanism, with Mauna Loa at 4169 masl, which also has a well-known crater lake. Hawaii otherwise has a tropical ocean climate. The population is very complex: it is mostly white, but also many Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos and mixed. Few of them are originally Hawaiian.

Tourism is an important industry, and there is also income from the military and the cultivation of pineapples and sugar cane. The islands are also an important transport hub.

Polynesians settled on the islands around 500 AD, and James Cook came to Hawaii in 1778. He called the archipelago the Sandwich Islands. They were annexed by the United States in 1898, they were federal territory in 1900, and they were a state in 1959. Hawaii is called The Aloha State.

Biggest Cities of Hawaii by Population

Largest Cities in Hawaii

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