Largest Cities in Grenada

Facts about Grenada

Official languages: English
Capital: Saint George’s
Area: 344 km²
Population: 107,818 residents
Population density: 313.42 residents per km²
Currency: XCD
Internet TLD: .gd
ISO codes: GD, GRD, 308
The telephone code for Grenada is + 1-473

Grenada Flag

Grenada is an island in the Lesser Antilles, one of the Leeward Islands and is located between the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Grenada was discovered by Columbus in 1498, he named the island Conceptión, but did not occupy the island. The island was later occupied by the British who withdrew in 1609. In 1649 local chiefs sold the island to French traders. It was a French colony from 1674 until the Peace of Paris in 1763 and has belonged to the British Commonwealth since then. In 1877 Grenada became a crown colony. In 1974 Grenada gained independence. The island state forms an independent member state of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Biggest Cities of Grenada by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Saint George’s, Grenada 7,611 12.0529 -61.7523
2 Gouyave, Grenada 3,489 12.1646 -61.7296
3 Grenville, Grenada 2,587 12.1228 -61.625
4 Victoria, Grenada 2,367 12.1902 -61.7068
5 Saint David’s, Grenada 1,432 12.049 -61.6688
6 Sauteurs, Grenada 1,431 12.2183 -61.6392
7 Hillsborough, Grenada 1,111 12.4829 -61.456

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