Largest Cities in Georgia

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Georgia (abbreviated Ga. or GA) is a state in the United States, north of Florida. The area is 152,576 kmĀ², and he has about 8.9 million inhabitants.

Georgia was founded in 1733 and was one of the original 13 states from 1788. It developed into a typical slave state with large cotton production.

Today, a lot of cotton is produced, and Georgia is also the only producer of peanuts in the United States. Other important products are tobacco, sweet potatoes, vegetables, watermelons and corn. The textile and wood processing industries are also important industries.

Georgia is named after King George II of Great Britain. The state is otherwise called the Empire State of the South and Peach State.

Biggest Cities of Georgia by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Atlanta GA 420114
2 Columbus GA 189996
3 Savannah GA 136397
4 Sandy Springs GA 93964
5 Macon GA 91462
6 Roswell GA 88457
7 Albany GA 77545
8 Johns Creek GA 76839
9 Warner Robins GA 66699
10 Alpharetta GA 57662
11 Marietta GA 56690
12 Valdosta GA 54629
13 Smyrna GA 51382
14 Rome GA 36414
15 Peachtree City GA 34475
16 Gainesville GA 33915
17 East Point GA 33823
18 Hinesville GA 33548

Largest Cities in Georgia

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