Largest Cities in Eritrea

Facts about Eritrea

Official languages: Afar, Arabic, Tigrinya
Capital: Asmara
Area: 121,320 km²
Population: 5.8 million residents
Population density: 47.75 residents per km²
Currency: ERN
Internet TLD: .er
ISO codes: ER, ERI , 232
The prefix for Eritrea is +291

Eritrea Flag

The former Italian colony was annexed by Ethiopia in 1962 and only gained independence in 1993 after a long struggle. The battle with Ethiopia over border disputes from 1998 to 2000 brought heavy losses on both sides. The struggle was ended by a ceasefire agreement. Since then, UN observers have been dispatched to the border region to mark the legitimate course of the border.

Around 75% of the working population are employed in agriculture. Even so, food has to be imported, as around 50% of the working population has been drafted into the military. Eritrea has mineral resources such as gold, silver, copper, sulfur, nickel, potash, marble, zinc and iron. In addition, oil and gas reserves are currently being developed.

Biggest Cities of Eritrea by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Asmara, Eritrea 564,041 15.338 38.9318
2 Keren, Eritrea 74,911 15.7779 38.4511
3 Massawa, Eritrea 23,211 15.6081 39.4745
4 Assab, Eritrea 21,411 13.0092 42.7394
5 Mendefera, Eritrea 17,892 14.8872 38.8153
6 Barentu, Eritrea 16,002 15.1058 37.5907
7 Adi Keyh, Eritrea 13,172 14.8444 39.3772
8 Edd, Eritrea 11,370 13.9309 41.6938
9 Dek’emhare, Eritrea 11,070 15.07 39.0475
10 Ak’ordat, Eritrea 8,968 15.548 37.8829

Eritrea: Asmara

The capital of Eritrea is called Asmara. It is located in the highlands at an altitude of 2,350 meters. About 650,000 people live here. In the capital you can still find beautiful buildings, some of which date from the Italian colonial era. There are cinemas and mosques, Catholic churches and churches of the Eritrean Orthodox Church.

Asmara is very different from other major African cities. The city is clean, there is little air pollution and traffic is orderly. But at the same time there is very great poverty in the city, no matter how beautiful the outer facade looks.

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