Largest Cities in Equatorial Guinea

Facts about Equatorial Guinea

Official languages: Spanish, French
Capital: Malabo
Area: 28,051 km²
Population: 1.0 million residents
Population density: 36.18 residents per km²
Currency: XAF
Internet TLD: .gq
ISO codes: GQ, GNQ, 226
The dialing code for Equatorial Guinea is +240

Flag of Equatorial Guinea

The flag of Equatorial Guinea, which was adopted in 1979, consists of three horizontal stripes in green, white and red. In addition, a blue wedge is placed in the pole part of the flag, and the white stripe carries the national emblem of the country in its center, which depicts a baobab typical of the geographical location of Equatorial Guinea. Six golden stars shine above the baobab, representing the five islands of the country and its mainland. At the bottom of the coat of arms is the inscription: “Unity, peace, justice.” The blue color of the wedge represents the Pacific Ocean, the green reminds of the jungle, the white color traditionally symbolizes peace, and the red color symbolizes the blood shed in the struggle for independence.

Equatorial Guinea Flag

Equatorial Guinea is a state in Africa. It borders Gabon, Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea. Equatorial Guinea consists of several islands and a mainland strip. See Equatorial Guinea Location on World Map. About 20 percent of the country’s population live on the largest island, Bioko, which was known under the names Santa Isabel and Fernando Poo until 1973. Malabo, the capital of the country, is also on Bioko.

Biggest Cities of Equatorial Guinea by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Bata, Equatorial Guinea 173,157 1.86391 9.76582
2 Malabo, Equatorial Guinea 156,074 3.75578 8.78166
3 Ebebiyin, Equatorial Guinea 24,942 2.15106 11.3353
4 Aconibe, Equatorial Guinea 11,303 1.29683 10.9369
5 Anisoc, Equatorial Guinea 10,302 1.8658 10.7689
6 Luba, Equatorial Guinea 8,766 3.45683 8.55465
7 Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea 8,573 1.43677 10.5512
8 Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea 6,504 1.62742 11.3135
9 Mikomeseng, Equatorial Guinea 5,924 2.13609 10.6132
10 Rebola, Equatorial Guinea 5,561 3.71667 8.83333
11 San Antonio de Pale, Equatorial Guinea 4,544 -1.4068 5.63178

Equatorial Guinea: Malabo

According to Abbreviation Finder, the capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo. It is not on the mainland, but on the island of Bioko. There it is on the north coast. 250,000 people live here. The largest city in the country, however, is Bata on the mainland with around 970,000 inhabitants.

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