Largest Cities in Connecticut

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Connecticut (abbreviated Conn. or CT) is a state in the northeastern United States of 12,997 kmĀ². It has about 3.5 million inhabitants. The capital is Hartford. The state has a hilly lowland with some mountain areas. The climate is mild and humid.

The machinery industry, the motor industry, the arms industry, the food industry and agriculture are important industries. In addition, the state has many insurance companies. Connecticut was founded in 1635 as an English colony – one of the states of New England. In 1788 he was a state and one of the original 13 states in the United States. He is called Constitution State and Nutmeg State.

Biggest Cities of Connecticut by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Bridgeport CT 144340
2 New Haven CT 129890
3 Hartford CT 124886
4 Stamford CT 122754
5 Waterbury CT 110477
6 Norwalk CT 85714
7 Danbury CT 81004
8 New Britain CT 73317
9 Meriden CT 60979
10 Bristol CT 60588
11 West Haven CT 55675
12 Milford CT 52870
13 Middletown CT 47759
14 Norwich CT 40604
15 Shelton CT 39670
16 Torrington CT 36494

Largest Cities in Connecticut

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