Largest Cities in Comoros

Facts about Comoros

Official languages: Arabic, French
Capital: Moroni
Area: 2,170 km²
Population: 773,407 residents
Population density: 356.41 residents per km²
Currency: KMF
Internet TLD: .km
ISO codes: KM, COM, 174
The telephone code for Comoros is +269

Flag of Comoro

The Comoro Islands lie between Madagascar and Africa. Their current flag was adopted in 2001 after a number of changes. The flag had three variations from 1978 to 2001, all very similar and consisting of a green leaf, a white crescent and four white five-pointed stars. Today’s version is complemented by four horizontal stripes in yellow, white, red and blue. The traditional symbols of Islam – the crescent moon and stars, are now placed in a green pole wedge. The individual stripes together with the four stars represent the four main Comoros islands – Mohéli, Mayotte, Anjouan and Grande Comore, with Mayotte officially a French overseas territory, but Comoros does not recognize this status.

Comoros Flag

The Comoros (Comorian قمر Komori, French Comores; officially since 2001 Union of the Comoros) form a federal island state in the Indian Ocean at the northern exit of the Mozambique Strait between Mozambique and Madagascar. They comprise three of the four main islands of the Comoros Archipelago. These are Grande Comore (Njazidja), Anjouan (Nzwani), Mohéli (Mwali) and some smaller islands. The fourth main island of Mayotte is administered by France, but claimed by the Comoros Republic. See Comoros Location on World Map.

The Comoros belong geographically to East Africa and lie between Madagascar’s northern tip and the African mainland.

The Comoros gained independence from France in 1975 and since then has seen an eventful history with coups and secessionist efforts. Its residents are of mixed, predominantly East African and Arab ancestry, and the majority are Muslim. The country’s name is derived from the Arabic Juzur al-Qamar (جزر القمر), which means something like “lunar islands”.

The road network is in a desolate general condition, caution is required when driving after dark. The fuel supply is not always guaranteed. The flight connections between the islands are operated by two private airlines, one of which is on the black list of unsafe airlines. The intra-Comorian flight connections and telecommunications are still irregular and often disrupted. Small motorized boats (so-called kwassa-kwassa) that provide transport between the islands are not a safe means of transport.

The Comoros are a strongly Islamic country. Travelers are expected to conform to the codes of conduct and morals of the greater part of the population. You shouldn’t wear shorts, cut-out dresses or miniskirts in the city. The consumption of alcohol in public is prohibited. Women should avoid bathing on public beaches, especially during Ramadan.

Biggest Cities of Comoros by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Moroni, Comoros 42,983 -11.7022 43.2551
2 Moutsamoudou, Comoros 23,705 -12.1667 44.3994
3 Fomboni, Comoros 15,077 -12.2876 43.7434
4 Domoni, Comoros 14,620 -12.2569 44.5319
5 Tsimbeo, Comoros 12,583 -12.2058 44.4647
6 Adda-Doueni, Comoros 10,969 -12.2925 44.4972
7 Sima, Comoros 10,485 -12.1956 44.2767
8 Ouani, Comoros 10,290 -12.1355 44.4249
9 Mirontsi, Comoros 10,279 -12.1567 44.4081
10 Mkiriwadjumoi, Comoros 8,860 -12.3109 44.437
11 Koni-Djodjo, Comoros 8,220 -12.2297 44.4817
12 Moya, Comoros 7,640 -12.3067 44.4378
13 Mbeni, Comoros 6,627 -11.5014 43.3775
14 Mitsamiouli, Comoros 6,213 -11.3847 43.2844
15 Barakani, Comoros 6,200 -12.1386 44.4303
16 Chandra, Comoros 5,756 -12.195 44.4647
17 Ouellah, Comoros 5,589 -11.3903 43.3319
18 Mramani, Comoros 5,237 -12.3464 44.5286

Comoros: Nyazidja

According to Abbreviation Finder, the capital of the Comoros, which is called Moroni, is on Nyazidja.

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