Largest Cities in Belize

Facts about Belize

Official languages: English, Spanish
Capital: Belmopan
Area: 22,966 km²
Population: 314,522 residents
Population density: 13.70 residents per km²
Currency: BZD
Internet TLD: .bz
ISO codes: BZ, BLZ, 84
The telephone code for Belize is +501

Flag of Belize

The flag of Belize was adopted in 1981 when the country achieved independence from Great Britain. It was designed already around 1950, when the country began to fight for independence and when Belize was called British Honduras. Today’s version of the flag is composed of a blue leaf and the coat of arms in the middle, the red stripes were added after independence. The national coat of arms depicts two workers standing in the shade of a mahogany tree, one holding an oar and the other an axe. Below them is a ribbon with the inscription “Sub umbra floreo” (I flourish in the shade) – an inscription clearly pointing to Belize’s colonial past.

Belize Flag

Belize is a state in Central America. Bounded to the north by Mexico and to the west by Guatemala. The Caribbean lies in the east of Belize. See Belize Location on World Map. The former British Honduras became the last Central American country to gain independence in 1981. The relationship with neighboring Guatemala remained problematic due to unresolved territorial claims. It was not until 1992 that the Guatemalan government signed a treaty that recognized Belize’s independence, but did not clarify claims to territories in the west of the country. Negotiations have been taking place between the two countries since 2000, in which Guatemala should at least be given sea access via Belize. Belize was largely spared the wars and civil wars that other Central and South American countries went through. More than half of Belize is forested. The coast is almost entirely covered with mangroves. There are numerous coral reefs, sandbanks and atolls in front of the coast. Around 50% of the area of ​​Belize is protected.

Biggest Cities of Belize by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Belize City, Belize 61,572 17.4995 -88.1976
2 San Ignacio, Belize 16,923 17.1588 -89.0696
3 Orange Walk, Belize 15,409 18.0812 -88.5633
4 Belmopan, Belize 13,492 17.25 -88.7667
5 Dangriga, Belize 10,861 16.9697 -88.2331
6 Corozal, Belize 9,982 18.3937 -88.3885
7 San Pedro, Belize 8,529 17.916 -87.9659
8 Benque Viejo el Carmen, Belize 7,203 17.075 -89.1392
9 Punta Gorda, Belize 5,316 16.0984 -88.8097

Belize: Belmopán

Until 1970, Belize City was the capital of the country. The city is located where the Belize River (river) flows into the sea. But in 1961 a hurricane destroyed the city. As a result, Belmopán was made the new capital in the interior, precisely in the center of the country. One rodete country and here founded a whole new city. The inland location is more protected from possible cyclones. However, it is also hotter and more humid here.

According to Abbreviation Finder, Belize City is the largest city in the country with around 80,000 inhabitants. In contrast, only about 20,000 people live in Belmopán. The city emerged gradually and continues to pursue a development plan. Her name is artificially composed of Belize and Mopan, a river in the country. The seat of government is in Belmopán. The buildings were based on Mayan architecture.

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