Largest Cities in Bahrain

Facts about Bahrain

Official languages: Arabic, English, Persian, Urdu
Capital: Manama
Area: 665 km²
Population: 738,004 residents
Population density: 1,109.78 residents per km²
Currency: BHD
Internet TLD: .bh
ISO codes: BH, BHR, 48
The dialing code for Bahrain is +973

Bahrain Flag

Bahrain is an island nation in an archipelago in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia. The name Bahrain means “two seas”. The island has literally two seas: the sea that surrounds the island and a sea of ​​groundwater. A dam, completed in 1986, connects the country with the Saudi coast.

Bahrain was the first Gulf emirate to export oil. The intensively used oil and natural gas reserves are expected to be exhausted in 2015. That is why attempts are being made to expand the service sector with offshore banking, insurance and tourism.

Biggest Cities of Bahrain by Population

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Manama, Bahrain 147,185 26.2279 50.5857
2 Al Muharraq, Bahrain 97,569 26.2572 50.6119
3 Ar Rifa’, Bahrain 79,661 26.13 50.555
4 Dar Kulayb, Bahrain 65,577 26.0686 50.5039
5 Madinat Hamad, Bahrain 52,829 26.1153 50.5069
6 Madinat `Isa, Bahrain 38,201 26.1736 50.5478
7 Sitrah, Bahrain 37,768 26.1547 50.6206
8 Jidd Hafs, Bahrain 31,846 26.2186 50.5478
9 Al Hadd, Bahrain 12,908 26.2456 50.6542

Bahrain: Manama

The capital Manama is also the largest city on Bahraini territory. In contrast to many neighboring countries, the Kingdom of Bahrain has not only relied on oil for a long time, but has instead expanded its financial sector extensively. Accordingly, the capital is dominated by tall glass buildings that form the country’s international financial center. You can find many banks here.

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