Largest Cities in Alabama

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Alabama (abbreviated Ala. or AL) is a state of the United States on the Gulf of Mexico, at 133,915 kmĀ². It has about 4.5 million inhabitants. The capital is Montgomery, the industrial center is Birmingham and the most important port city is Mobile.

Cultivation of cotton, corn, soybeans and peanuts are the most important industries in addition to broiler and egg production. The state is the most important heavy industry area in the southern states. Alabama has been our state since 1819. He is called the Heart of Dixie and Camelia State.

Biggest Cities of Alabama by Population

Rank City State Population
1 Birmingham AL 212348
2 Montgomery AL 205875
3 Mobile AL 195222
4 Huntsville AL 180216
5 Tuscaloosa AL 90579
6 Hoover AL 81730
7 Dothan AL 65607
8 Decatur AL 55794
9 Auburn AL 53491
10 Madison AL 43049
11 Florence AL 39430
12 Gadsden AL 36967
13 Vestavia Hills AL 34144
14 Prattville AL 34071

Largest Cities in Alabama

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