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Independence aspirations of the indigenous peoples

Since the annexation by the USA there has been an active – albeit fragmented – independence movement in Hawaii, which is supported in particular by the minority of the indigenous people. In 2005 they successfully defended themselves against being granted the status of “Native Americans”, which would have equated them with the Indians of the mainland, which would have been equivalent to the deprivation of liberty. The sovereignty movement received particular public attention in 2008 when a group of activists occupied the former Royal Palace in Honolulu and proclaimed independence.

In the same year, the Russian UN functionary Alexei Avotomonov spoke out in favor of the decolonization of Hawaii. In 2009, the Hawaiian political scientist Noenoe K. Silva demonstrated the explosiveness of the topic under international law with his reappraisal of the island’s history ( Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism ).
US President Obama (himself born in Hawaii) was in principle open to efforts for more independence. On May 11, 2015, Pakistan proposed to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to follow the proposal of the UN expert on the promotion of a democratic and just world order, who in 2013 proposed that Hawaii and Alaska be re-placed on the list of non-self-governed territories ( Non-Self-Governing Territories), from which they were illegally deleted in 1959.

Hawaii’s indigenous peoples are represented at the council by Leon Kaulahao Siu as envoy of the Alliance for the Self-Determination of Alaska and Hawaii . Siu is also the “shadow foreign minister” of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government , a group that sees itself as the “surviving successors of the Hawaiian Kingdom”. He cites the indigenous population, the majority of whom in 2014 spoke out in favor of the independence movement.

Top Counties by Population in Hawaii

Rank County Name Population Population Density (per km²)
1 Honolulu County 974,574 630.38
2 Hawaii County 201,524 19.32
3 Maui County 167,428 57.71
4 Kauai County 72,304 44.88
5 Kalawao County 97 7.46

Main Cities in Hawaii by Population

Below is the 10 largest cities In Hawaii by population. Check COUNTRYAAH for a list of all towns and cities of Hawaii in alphabetical order.

Hawaii Population by City

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