Population of Delaware 2021


Delaware has 853,476 residents (as of the US Census 2006), of which 72.1% are white, 20.7% African-American, 6.3% Hispanic or Latino, 2.9% Asian-American and 0.3% American Indian.


In 2014, 16.0% of the population were Irish, making it the largest group after African Americans. This is followed by the groups of German (13.5%), Italian (10.2%), English (9.3%), and Polish (4.5%).

The Lenni Lenape are an Indian minority, who Europeans also call Delawars. They were very influential during the formation of the United States.


According to a study, the current distribution of religious communities is as follows: Methodists 20%, Baptists 19%, Catholics 9%, Lutherans 4%, Presbyterians 3%, Pentecostal churches 3%, Episcopals / Anglicans 2%, Adventists 2%, Churches of Christ 1%, other Christians 3%, Muslims 2%, Jews 1%, other religions 5%, no religion 17%, no information 9%.

The first black church in the United States was founded in Delaware by the former slave Peter Spencer in 1813 as the “Union Church of Africans”.

Top Counties by Population in Delaware

Rank County Name Population Population Density (per kmĀ²)
1 New Castle County 538,490 421.02
2 Sussex County 197,156 63.64
3 Kent County 162,321 78.34

Main Cities in Delaware by Population

Below is the 10 largest cities In Delaware by population. Check COUNTRYAAH for a list of all towns and cities of Delaware in alphabetical order.

Delaware Population by City

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